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Highways England Vehicle Recovery Contract Supplier Evaluation

FMG are delighted to have successfully been appointed the National Vehicle Recovery Manager for Highways England.

The contract and services commenced on 1st April 2020 for a period of up to seven years.

As part of our continuous improvement required to meet the new measures we are regularly reviewing our current network to further enhance the service. We are therefore open to applications from all Vehicle Recovery Operators interested in joining our network.

If you are interested please read the Contract Overview and Requirements (below) to ensure that you meet and are compliant with our standards and requirements. Once you have read the Contract Overview and Requirements and, providing you meet the standards, please complete the Highways England Contract Evaluation Form (below). The form should be returned to FMG at

We will assess your application alongside other Vehicle Recovery Operators based on geographical location, capability, compliance with requirements and whether you could add value to our current network. During this assessment phase, FMG may require a presentation by applicants and or visits / audits to validate suitability and proposals.

FMG will make the final decision regarding the appointment of any Vehicle Recovery Operator for our network and any enquiries made directly to Highways England in relation to this matter will be passed back to FMG. Whilst we would like to provide feedback to both successful and unsuccessful Vehicle Recovery Operators, this will not always be possible and FMG will not be under any obligation to enter into correspondence with an applicant, or to provide an applicant with reasons for their successful or unsuccessful appointment.

Existing Vehicle Recovery Operators who are already on our network supporting the Highways England Vehicle Recovery scheme do not need to re-apply.

Contract Overview and Requirements

Highways England Supplier Evaluation Form