Bespoke, outsourced end-to-end Incident Management services

FMG is the UK's leading provider of Fleet Incident Management and Specialist Vehicle Recovery services

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  • Fleet Solutions

    Fleet Solutions

    Helping to keep your drivers safe whilst reducing the hassle, cost and impact of vehicle incidents on your business and your drivers.

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  • Fleet Solutions

    Insurer Solutions

    A fully outsourced Claims Management solution to reduce the total cost of claims whilst improving the service to your policyholders.

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  • Fleet Solutions

    Roadside Solutions

    Expertly fixing stricken vehicles at the roadside and managing the most complex of recoveries for public and private fleets.

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  • usp recovering

    Recovering losses by the £million

    FMG recovers over £1.25million of uninsured losses every month
  • usp specialists

    Specialists for over 30 years

    FMG has been an established Incident Management specialist for over 30 years
  • usp recovering

    Real impacts on the cost of claims

    FMG provides solutions that successfully drive down the total cost of claims
Bespoke Service tailored to each Police Force
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