Modern Slavery

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This statement is made by Redde plc on behalf of the Redde Group as required by section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 for the financial year ending 30th June 2019. It sets out the overall commitment of, and steps taken by, Redde Group companies to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking within its businesses or direct supply chains. Redde plc itself does not meet the criteria for publishing a statement as it is a holding company that provides no goods or services itself.

Redde Group Structure

The business activities of the Redde Group include incident management, general insurance mediation, vehicle repair, fleet management, vehicle rental and legal services, all predominantly (but not exclusively) in the automotive sector.

Redde Group’s principle businesses each have their own compliance departments which are key points of contact both internally and externally and will assist in ensuring that the Redde Group takes all reasonable steps to comply with its statutory obligations.


The Redde Group is committed to carrying on its business in a responsible and ethical manner that respects the rights and dignity of individuals and the communities where it operates and provides its services. Redde Group’s policy is not to tolerate modern slavery or human trafficking and expects the same approach and commitment from those with which it does business.

The Redde Group endeavours to avoid modern slavery or human trafficking taking place in its direct supply chains or in any part of its businesses. Redde Group’s Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy reflects its commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all its business relationships and to implementing systems and controls to reduce the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking occurring in its direct supply chains.

In addition to its Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking policy the Redde Group subsidiaries have between them a range of staff policies including ethics and anti-corruption and a group-wide whistleblowing policy to enable an easy communication channel for staff to raise any concerns. Practices and policies will not, however, be identical across all subsidiary businesses and the Redde Group will try to harmonise these policies in so far as the different businesses will allow. All Redde Group polices are reviewed periodically.

To date no issues of concern have been discovered but the Redde Group will assess any situations of concern regarding modern slavery and human trafficking on a case by case basis. Redde Group’s supplier code of practice and its revised due diligence and supplier set-up and review processes will assist in this respect and the whistleblowing policy will enable staff to raise issues of concern.

Due Diligence

Suppliers undergo ‘sign-on’ due diligence (not just modern slavery related) and are provided with, and expected to adhere to, a supplier code of conduct.

Some subsidiaries require suppliers to complete a self-certification process when they first enter into a supplier contract which is reviewed internally at that point and as part of the rolling renewal process.

Risk Assessment

As a United Kingdom based business Redde Group’s direct suppliers are primarily based in the United Kingdom. A risk-based approach is used to identify and assess the risks of modern slavery or human trafficking occurring within its businesses or direct supply chain. This risk assessment was last reviewed in September 2019 and reaffirmed that these risks are low even in the comparatively higher risk parts of the businesses’ supply chains.


Training has been provided in parts of the business more exposed to modern slavery risks and the training process continues. Awareness training has been published on Redde Group intranets.

Specific training has also been given to areas of the business that are more likely to encounter modern slavery in smaller businesses.

Board Approval

The Board of Directors of Redde plc has approved this policy statement and it has been signed on its behalf by:


Martin Ward


CEO Redde plc


30 October 2019