AstonLark sought an outsourced provider of an end-to-end Claims Management solution to manage approximately 2,300 claims per annum on behalf of policyholders. They sought a partner who could set them apart from the competition, demonstrating the professionalism, experience and customer-focus to support AstonLark’s stringent targets for client satisfaction, growth and retention.


FMG was the outsourced provider of choice.  Despite operating in a mature industry, FMG is committed to finding innovative ways to enable Motor Insurers and Insurance Brokers like AstonLark to differentiate their customer offering. FMG worked closely with AstonLark to design and build a truly bespoke Claims Management service to reduce and mitigate AstonLark’s policyholders’ total cost of claims. The end-to-end service includes First Notification of Loss (FNOL), Repair Management, Third Party Capture and Uninsured Loss Recovery (ULR).

Despite operating in a mature industry, FMG is committed to finding innovative ways to enable Motor Insurers and Insurance Brokers like AstonLark to differentiate their customer offering.

Enhancing the Claims Service with Bespoke Technology

Having already streamlined every step of the Claims Management process, FMG’s Claims Management system, Ingenium, was tailored to suit AstonLark’s individual policyholders’ requirements.  It recognises key features such as insurance policy cover and excess level details and prompts bespoke questions which help accurately triage FNOL and trigger workflows accordingly. This improves speed and accuracy at every juncture.

A Dedicated Centre of Excellence

The Claims Management service is managed by a dedicated AstonLark Claims Centre of Excellence within FMG, which provides business development support for AstonLark’s client growth and operates with case ownership to support client satisfaction and retention. In essence, this FMG team operates as an extension of the AstonLark brand.

Providing a Wealth of Insightful Data

To ensure an outstanding customer journey for AstonLark and their policyholders, FMG created a unique web-based portal, providing 24/7/365 access to all of their claims information. The portal provides AstonLark with full management, transparency and control of the entire outsourced solution. The portal is bespoke at client-level, providing the precise information required by policyholders.

The wealth of data instantly available is truly unique in the insurance sector, providing AstonLark with access to far more information than ever before. For the first time, AstonLark can view data on every single aspect of their claims throughout the claims life cycle, including case notes, bodyshop vehicle images, invoices, Third Party Intervention progress and ULR notes. The ability to view claim validation and reserves at any time greatly enhances the policy renewal process. Post-claim, the portal provides access to a full suite of reports.

Business Benefits

FMG’s Claims Management solution has reduced delays within the claims life cycle, mitigated and reduced claims costs and revolutionised the entire customer journey by providing more information than AstonLark and their policyholders have ever had before. Yet AstonLark still retains the direct client interaction whilst removing the day-to-day churn of managing fleet motor claims.

The view of claim status has enabled FMG to proactively quantify and speed up recoveries of uninsured losses.

Vehicle repairs managed through the FMG approved network are completed 9 days quicker than those repaired outside of the network, delivering an estimated £225 saving per repair in customers’ hire costs.


There are five key aspects which set the FMG solution apart from the usual offering:

  • Consistency of service – the claims service is the same for each and every single client. FMG delivers a truly managed service with KPIs and a strong SLA.
  • Transparency – clients can access detailed real-time information about any aspect of their claim via the portal.
  • Significantly reduced claim life cycle – due to high value Delegated Authorities being in place with a number of insurers, claims need not touch the insurer. FMG’s in-house engineering capability means that a claim can be notified at 9am in the morning and repairs authorised the same day.
  • Improved control of overall claim cost – FMG don’t just control the Accident Damage cost, instead they focus upon the overall claim cost including Third Party Capture and proactive management of insurers.
  • Risk Management – in addition to the Claims Management service, FMG deliver a fully bespoke and in-house delivered Fleet Risk Management offering, Ingenium Dynamics.

These are the things that make FMG’s provision stand out for AstonLark.

Richard Graham, Divisional Director, Corporate Claims Division, AstonLark (Group) Ltd