Equine Rescue Service

One call to FMG’s specialist roadside support team ensures the wellbeing of the horse and the safety of the driver and passengers

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Equine Rescue Service protects the welfare of horses, their owners and vehicles in the event of a breakdown emergency, carrying out successful roadside rescues, with the expertise of their nationwide support networks. By partnering with FMG, Equine Rescue Service is able to provide a 24/7/365 bespoke Roadside Mechanical Breakdown and Recovery Service to support 7,000 members travelling with horses.

The Challenge

Travelling with horses requires meticulous planning. Smooth driving, well-timed rest breaks and the correct levels of humidity are essential requirements for the comfort and safety of the precious cargo. Unexpected delays create stress for animal and driver and the last thing on anybody’s mind is a vehicle breakdown. Yet breakdowns happen, and luckily for horse and owner, help is readily available.

Our Solution

One call to FMG’s specialist roadside support team ensures the wellbeing of the horse and the safety of the driver and passengers until they reach their destination. Once FMG has made sure the driver, the horse and any passengers are safe, FMG will take care of the vehicle, knowing exactly what’s needed to get things resolved quickly, whether the stricken vehicle is the horsebox, trailer and/or towing vehicle. FMG always set about fixing the vehicle at the roadside if it is safe and legal to do so.

When a roadside fix isn’t possible, FMG and Equine Rescue Service work closely together to arrange the specialist onward transportation of the horse, the driver and any passengers to their destination and the vehicle is recovered to the driver’s home address or preferred repairer location.  The horse’s welfare remains a major concern until the horse is settled at its destination.

The Results

As a long-standing partner to Equine Rescue Service, FMG thoroughly understands how best to respond to each driver’s situation and the preferred processes and Schemes to follow.

FMG excel at answering the driver’s distress call quickly; 88% of calls are answered within 20 seconds, which exceeds our target of 80%. FMG are committed to arriving at the scene of the breakdown within the hour and 80% of the time we are able to fix the vehicle at the roadside, allowing the journey to continue as planned.

After every incident that FMG attends, the driver receives an electronic survey which explores how satisfied they were with the service and particularly the comfort and safety of their horse. This is linked to FMG’s overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) and all responses are analysed and individual responses are monitored to identify overall trends for continuous improvement.

Over 90% of members said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the service they received, with 93% saying they would recommend the service to others.


We’ve had lots of positive feedback from our clients on the great service they’ve received at a potentially stressful time. This is great news for us and reinforces that FMG are a trusted partner whom we can rely on to deliver our customer promise and ensure that we meet our clients’ specific service expectations.

Debbie MacMorran, Managing Director, Equine Rescue Service