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Third Party Services

Fraud Investigation

At the onset and throughout the life of the claim, FMG identifies possible fraud by reviewing a number of potential triggers which will help to identify induced, staged and contrived, low velocity impacts, or suspicion of bogus passenger type incidents. 

Our Fraud Specialists will question both our customers driver and the third party driver to identify suspicious claims; working closely with our partner Solicitors to access their databases and Fraud Systems.  Where a suspicious claimant is identified, one of our Fraud Specialists will take ownership of the claim until conclusion, but we will also utilise external providers to investigate details of the claim. 

Personal Injury Defence

The FMG legal services team manage Personal Injury claims, reducing our customer’s personal injury costs by using a number of approaches, including – Fraud Identification/Case Investigation, Third Party Capture, Offer of Rehabilitation Services and Active Caseload Management. 

Any offers made in respect of injury are made in the best interest of both parties, ensuring that the claimant receives fair compensation for the injury and that costs are minimised. FMG follows the Pre-Action Protocol and the New Claims Procedure as mandated by the Ministry of Justice. 

In the event that a Personal Injury claim is likely to escalate, we will liaise with our panel of solicitors to discuss the case and will either handle the file upon referral, or will pass it across so that the claim can be managed by one of their experienced case handlers. 

Third Party Capture and Intervention

FMG currently have a Third Party Capture rate of 70%, with some of the major insurers now outsourcing their Third Party Management to us as a result of the levels of service and significant cost savings we achieve

It is our intention to capture as many third party claims as possible, by working with our customers to ensure early notification of incidents. FMG’s Third Party intervention team will attempt to contact the third party at the earliest opportunity, usually within 1 hour of an incident report, to offer our repair and replacement vehicle services. 

We find that by taking control of the capture process, we can usually achieve a higher capture rate by being able to fully articulate the various repair options available through our nationwide network of PAS 125 approved repairers, and by relaying the benefits of each repair solution to the third party driver. Our various one day repair solutions and the use of cash-in-lieu payments will usually negate the need for any replacement vehicle. 

FMG currently have a Third Party Capture rate of 70%, with some of the major insurers now outsourcing their Third Party Management services to FMG as a result of the levels of service and significant cost savings we are able to achieve through third party capture and intervention. 

Third Party Claims Management

In instances whereby FMG are unable to capture the claim, we will look to control the costs, by vetting all paperwork (estimates, invoices etc.), before making any payments. This ensures that the costs are fair and reasonable for the work undertaken, ensuring that our clients do not pay more than is necessary. 

When calculating how much a credit-hire organisation is entitled to, we use a credit hire defence tool which assists our file handlers with:- ABI/GTA rules, comparing hire vehicles against third party own vehicles, ensuring rental dates are appropriate and correct, hire cost calculations are accurate, and applicable administration charges have been applied. 

Where any cost discrepancies are highlighted, these are reviewed and negotiated until settlement can be agreed. Where agreement cannot be reached, FMG will instruct our panel of solicitors, where litigation may be initiated. 

Non-Motor Property Repairs

Where FMG are asked to defend a non-motor property claim we will act proactively by capturing the claim and on most claims we work alongside a network of property repairers who assist us in reducing claim costs.  This prevents the need for innocent third parties seeking their own repair estimates and the likelihood of inflated costs.  If the property damage is significant, our claims handler will appoint a Loss Adjustor before arranging repair work.