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FMG are heavily reliant upon our repair partners to deliver the exacting standards we promise to our customers and their drivers. They are a fundamentally important part of our business and key to delivering a market leading incident management service. 

As manufacturer technology and vehicle body materials are becoming more advanced, this brings additional complexity to both repair methodologies and standards.  Our comprehensive network can repair all materials and vehicle types including car, LCV and HGV with full geographical coverage throughout the UK.

Network Management

FMG follows a comprehensive audit schedule, undertaken by our dedicated team of Regional Network Managers, monitoring supplier performance at regular intervals. This ensures continuing compliance with our required standards and any client specific stipulations.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an important aspect of the supply chain relationship; these vary according to the type of work undertaken, although typical measures include:

Time taken from job receipt to completion;

Customer satisfaction;

Health and safety;

Environmental standards.

Under our Partner Scheme all suppliers receive regular feedback in relation to their overall performance; this is not just a one-way process, but is also used as an opportunity for both parties to discuss best practice, future initiatives and any areas of concern. Our principled fleet management style involves high levels of mutual support. Our Regional Management Team assists supply partners in developing their businesses and provides support to any companies which may need some level of assistance in meeting individual performance criteria – for example, through promoting access to training or mentoring individual employees.

Cost Control and Downtime Management

Reducing the cost of repairs and minimising vehicle off-road time are among FMG’s core specialisms. Having established an extensive supply network, we are able to offer both repair choice and full nationwide coverage for vehicles ranging from cars through to HGVs, as well as multiple repair options designed to achieve the best value for money in every scenario. All our supply partners operate under a set schedule of rates, devised following extensive market testing and benchmarking with peers and industry representatives.

Cost Control

Our in-house engineering service is crucial in keeping costs low, combining their knowledge of mechanical repairs, panel-beating and painting experience with the use of the Audatex system to generate detailed pricing breakdowns based on agreed tariffs. Our Engineers are qualified to the highest standards, including the Automotive Technical Accreditation (Vehicle Damage Assessor) and the Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors.

Our engineers scrutinise every estimate to ensure that the most cost effective repair methodology has been adopted, whilst certifying that both the legality and safety of the vehicle are not compromised as a result of the repair. Our engineers remit is clear:

to ensure correct repair times, prices and quality has been applied for a safe and legal repair;

In conjunction with actual repairs, we also analyse for possible accident trends, maintenance issues or driver skills to prevent future incidents occurring. It’s all about thinking ahead to increase fleet efficiency and employee welfare.

to ensure correct repair methodology has been applied;

to provide expert opinion of liability queries;

to establish and verify pre-accident values;

to offer total-loss and Salvage guideance;

to ensure that repairs estimated correspond with the damage as reported.

Downtime Management

FMG understand that Vehicle Off Road (VOR) time is a critical measurement and as such it is a headline KPI within our own business. VOR is tightly managed by all our teams and we consistently strive to minimise downtime and identify future risks. To ensure that all potentially contributing factors that affect the off road time of a vehicle are managed, Ingenium’s workflow and task management functionality creates individual measured tasks, that link together to produce the case workflow.  Each task is measured to ensure that any opportunities for delay are eliminated and processes are continuously improved to drive KPI performance

5-Spoke Repair Methodology

Various different repair options are available through our network, as outlined below:

Repair Management Diagram


Repair Tracking

FMG proactively monitor repair progression to ensure that repairs are completed in the shortest time available. By utilising common technology, such as ‘ClaimWatch’, this enables repairers to update FMG’s systems electronically with repair updates, maintaining effective communication links, whilst ensuring FMG are able to remain in control of and direct the flow of the repair process.

FMG will update the driver throughout every repair, communicating key-stages including the authorisation of the repair, and the estimated completion date of repair. Driver communication is undertaken in varying ways, including telephone call, text message and email; tailoring the communication to the customers preferred method of receipt. Drivers can also track the repair status themselves, through Ingenium Insight via desktop or mobile.


FMG currently manages the vehicle salvage/total loss process to ensure that optimal returns are obtained from any vehicles which must be written off. We provide a bespoke service, acting as a liaison point between our clients, their drivers, leasing companies and insurers. All of our Vehicle Salvage Partners adhere to the ABI’s Code of Practice for the Disposal of Motor Vehicle Salvage; they are also Authorised Treatment Facilities, ensuring compliance with all regulations relating to the disposal of end-of-life vehicles and the management of waste.