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L E A S I N G   C O M P A N Y   S O L U T I O N S

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We work in partnership with some of the largest leasing companies to integrate our solutions into their existing product and service portfolios, whilst demonstrating our market-leading capability for cost control and cost mitigation.

We work closely with leasing companies to create their ideal service delivery package, from First Notification of Loss through to claim completion. By forming a true business partnership, which can include a seamless integration with a leasing company’s own systems and the provision of an over-branded service, we can ensure customers receive a smooth, continuous experience.  We don’t just focus on the vehicle repair and return service – we proactively analyse customer data to identify and recommend actions to mitigate risk and minimise cost.

Our people are passionate about continually going the extra mile to maintain our leasing partners’ exacting standards, enhancing the customer experience and enriching the driver journey at every opportunity.