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14 March 2012

Fleet executives who have launched successful environmental initiatives are being asked to highlight their achievements to win valuable boardroom support.

Executives at vehicle management company LeasePlan are highlighting the important role Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays in the boardroom, and say that fleet managers have a ‘golden opportunity’ to put their work on the strategic agenda.

Managing director David Brennan said: “Given the public concerns over emissions, businesses should be seizing the opportunity to publicise how they are making their fleets cleaner and greener. It’s a swift and simple way to get fleet management onto the board’s agenda.”

He added, “In addition, CSR reporting allows organisations to promote their social awareness, which can include initiatives to make the world a safer place for both their employees and the people around them. What better opportunity is there to talk about the duty of care and safety programmes?”

LeasePlan’s advice comes on the back of the launch of new products aimed at helping fleets understand how their work can tie in with their employer’s corporate responsibility aims.