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14 March 2012

Lancashire Constabulary has today welcomed the improved response times by FMG, the UK’s leading independent vehicle incident management and roadside assistance company.

Since November 2010, FMG has been working in partnership with Lancashire Constabulary in a framework contract which covers 4 forces including the county of Lancashire, and also Cumbria, Norfolk and North Wales.

The contract, which was signed on a 3-year basis with the option of a 1-year plus 1-year extension, sees FMG responsible for managing the recovery of all vehicles using the Lancashire Constabulary’s police officers’ statutory powers, which includes vehicles that have been abandoned, stolen or involved in collisions, as well as those involved in crime and police vehicles.

Just nine months into the contract and FMG is already generating impressive results. Lancashire Constabulary has welcomed FMG’s performance in terms of its vehicle recovery response times and call-answering times, which have greatly improved on the tightly monitored key performance targets set by all forces.

Since FMG began its role as vehicle recovery manager there have been some significant improvements including the target to attend the scene of a recovery anywhere in the section of the force area within the 45 minutes for 85% of recoveries. FMG currently attends 94% of recoveries within this target time. The average time from the Vehicle Recovery Partner accepting the job to arriving at the scene is now just 24 minutes for all four forces.

The average call answering time is now just 8 seconds, whilst the average call duration from receipt of police call to allocation to vehicle recovery partner is just 3 minutes 46 seconds.

Chris Malkin, Fleet & Transport Manager, Lancashire Constabulary commented:

“FMG has a dedicated police network of vehicle recovery partners and the flexibility to develop tailored services around the specific pressures and priorities that we face. This coupled with the focus on service and its customer focused approach, have resulted in some truly outstanding results which have already had a significant impact on our operations and have greatly improved our efficiencies. We commend them for their commitment, and look forward to a continued successful working partnership.”

John Catling, chief operating officer, FMG said:

“The past nine months have proved very successful and we are delighted to be exceeding our performance targets so early on the in the contract. The commitment by FMG’s Vehicle Recovery Partners, coupled with our focus on great customer service, and our ability to respond to complex challenges by providing predictable and sustainable solutions, has resulted in a much refined and improved service. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Lancashire Constabulary to deliver significantly improved results in the future, and, as ever, we remain committed to constantly improving and raising the standards of the recovery industry overall.”