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12 March 2013

Safestyle, the UK’s largest independent provider of affordable uPVC double glazed windows and doors, have seen significant saving thanks to a new contract with fleet management and incident reduction specialists, FMG.

Following a trial period where incident rates were cut by 75%, FMG’s telemetry system, Ingenium Dynamics has been rolled out across the Safestyle fleet, which comprises of 500 vehicles. The system has received positive feedback from Safestyle drivers, who have reported that Ingenium Dynamics has also helped save them money on weekly fuel bills.

The innovative telemetry system utilises a variety of measurements and analyses in car data with independently validated algorithms. Fleet managers, or individual drivers are then able to download reports and measurements to see where their driving habits could be improved to reduce wear and tear, accidents and fuel use.

Kevin Gordon from FMG said of the deal: “This demonstrates FMG’s commitment of getting to know a business in order to develop a bespoke solution. It is only by working with the company and their drivers that we’ve been able to prescribe the right package of recommendations to reduce cost and minimise accidents.”

“Safestyle came to us with the challenge of helping reduce insurance costs. With our help, and by utilising our innovative Ingenium Dynamics technology, we were able to achieve this and reduce their fleet incident rates and fuel costs too.”

Steve Lambert, of Safestyle said: “Our drivers have seen up to a 20% reduction in weekly fuel costs, and we’ve seen an immediate positive impact on fleet incidents. Working with FMG, we are expecting to see a significant reduction in our motor insurance premium at renewal.”