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4 February 2015

Police Scotland, the second largest Force in the UK after the Metropolitan Police, has signed a major 3 year contract with FMG, the UK’s leading independent fleet incident management and roadside services specialist. FMG expect to manage circa 25,000 recoveries a year, for vehicles which have been driven without insurance, stolen, involved in collisions or involved in crime.

The contract covers Policing throughout Scotland, which formerly consisted of eight separate forces and recently merged to become one.

As part of the contract, FMG will also provide specialist forensic facilities, vehicle storage, and vehicle disposal services. FMG is already the recovery services provider for several Police Forces, including a recently-extended contract with the Lancashire Constabulary Framework Contract.

Superintendent Jim Lesliefrom Police Scotland's Operational Support Division and Project Executive, said:  "We are pleased to be working in partnership with FMG. It means there is one single contract for this service instead of the different arrangements which existed under the former legacy forces. A major benefit for Police Scotland is that the new structure will release police officers from administrative duties and their return to operation roles will assist in keeping people safe.”

John Catling, CEO of FMG said: “We have worked very closely with the Scottish Police Authority throughout the tender process to fully understand its operation, and we are delighted to have won this contract. We specialise in reducing cost, mitigating risk and managing resources, and through this contract we will take away the day-to-day management of vehicle recoveries, thus allowing the Police to focus on the challenging requirements of policing. We look forward to working closely with Scottish Police Authority to increase efficiencies and enhance its operational performance.”

FMG has demonstrated its ability to manage this complex contract through its proven vehicle recovery experience, fully-vetted national recovery network and specific knowledge in dealing with Police processes. This includes preserving evidence on or within vehicles, specialist vehicle examination and storage arrangements. All services are managed from FMG’s secure and dedicated Police control room, with all staff screened and Police-vetted.