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2 May 2012

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) is outsourcing its UK incident management for the first time. The company has awarded a three-year contract to FMG, the UK’s only incident management and roadside services company committed to reducing the frequency and impact of incidents.

JTI’s UK operations include a Weybridge HQ, a distribution factory in Crewe and a manufacturing plant in Northern Ireland. Previously, its 600-strong fleet of mainly BMWs and Vauxhalls had been managed in-house.

JTI overheads and fleet manager Judy Edwards said: “A review of our internal processes and the introduction of a new car policy led to our decision to seek expert support to realise real business benefits from fleet.”

The contract was awarded at the beginning of the year, following a formal tender process when FMG was one of four companies shortlisted.

“We were impressed by their professionalism, their genuine interest in us as a company and a commitment to customer service which runs through the core of their business,” said Judy Edwards.

“The management information FMG’s comprehensive system provides will help us make improvements in areas we are trying to focus on. And, on a very practical level, our drivers will benefit from having a single point of contact and speedier resolution of incidents thanks to FMG’s excellent network. So far the handover and implementation process has been seamless, and we’re looking forward to working closely with the team to deliver service improvements and cost-savings.”

FMG uses its bespoke technology, ingenium™, a powerful system that enables it to tailor its services to clients’ specific needs, helping them to achieve their business objectives.

FMG chief executive officer John Catling said: “The decision to outsource elements of an organisation’s fleet management is not always an easy one. We hope that by working as a strategic partner, rather than simply a supplier of world class incident management services, our method is changing the way companies view fleet. Our proactive approach prioritises incident prevention, and it’s proving to be a winning formula in a competitive marketplace.”