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10 April 2013

Leading provider of vehicle incident management and accident reduction services, FMG, has received approval to launch a ground breaking new initiative to provide bespoke legal services. FMG Legal LLP is a fresh departure for the company and will compliment its already well established suite of fleet solutions. FMG is one of the first fleet management companies to set up a new legal entity.

The company, which provides a range of services aimed at business fleets, has set up FMG Legal LLP to broaden its offering and deliver legal services to its customers.  Those services  will include providing advice and assistance in relation to personal injury claims following non-fault incidents. FMG already provides its customers with uninsured loss recovery services in these circumstances and this is a natural complementary extension of that service. FMG Legal will also offer its customers private client services to include wills, trusts and probate.

FMG will work alongside an established legal partner and ABS specialist firm, NewLaw Solicitors, to bring together expertise in the vehicle fleet management and legal industries.

The new venture will ensure that the company continues to develop its product offering and enhances FMG’s range of services. FMG has stated that the new legal proposition will focus on doing business in the most responsible way, by helping companies and their drivers to better recover from incidents, whether through rehabilitation or the efficient replacement of resources.

John Catling, CEO of FMG said: “FMG has been committed to a focus on incident reduction, through a range of services including telemetry, pre-emptive maintenance and data insight. However, we recognise that incidents do happen, and when they do, companies and their employees need to be assured that any legal issues are dealt with in an efficient way, so as to lessen the impact on all involved. FMG is built on providing support for our customers and this new initiative signals our intention to broaden that support.”

“This is an innovative solution to an issue faced by businesses, who in the past, may have been unsure of who to turn to, or who they were dealing with. NewLaw are experts in personal injury claims, and have a similar customer service focus to FMG. They have great expertise in complex cases and our commitment to this venture means that the customer experience will be further improved. Our aim is to let businesses focus on running their business, and not risk being side-tracked by complex legal cases.”

NewLaw Chief Executive, Helen Molyneux, added: “FMG Legal brings together two very experienced and well respected companies. We have worked hard to establish the right processes, which will provide a streamlined service for businesses and their drivers. We share a common focus on conducting our businesses in a fair and responsible way. This new initiative will allow businesses to benefit from joint expertise, help ensure that claims are handled more effectively and provide access to a number of legal services.”

The implementation of the Alternative Business Structure clauses of the Legal Services Act has allowed FMG to broaden its sector expertise and to set up FMG Legal LLP.

FMG is a leader in the fleet sector, and is the holder of the National Vehicle Recovery Manager (NVRM) contract for the Highways Agency, overseeing vehicle recoveries and coordinating incident responses across the motorway and major roads network in England.

NewLaw Solicitors is a leading personal injury practice providing expertise in outsourced legal business process and the establishment of Alternative Business Structure law firms.