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21 August 2012

FMG - the UK’s only incident management company dedicated to reducing the frequency and impact of incidents - has announced a major new contract for its award-winning advanced driver behaviour management system, Ingenium Dynamics.

The deal sees CRASH, a Northern Ireland-based premier accident management and breakdown services company, secure exclusive licensing rights to FMG’s Ingenium Dynamics system for its customers across Ireland*.

Founder and Managing Director of CRASH, Michael McKeown, said: “We have signed this unique deal with FMG because of the proven ability of its Ingenium Dynamics solution to change driver behaviour and increase safety on our roads. In addition to this, the culture of their management complements our own - our businesses form a perfect partnership.”

FMG’s Ingenium Dynamics system – which world-leading transport research experts have found to be a highly effective way to manage driver risk – was recently awarded a prestigious British Insurance Award in recognition of its tangible benefits and helping to pioneer an industry step change.

John Catling, FMG’s CEO, said: “We are delighted to be working with CRASH, which has an exceptionally strong presence and customer base in Ireland. This is one of a number of agreements we have recently signed across Europe and beyond. It is very exciting to us to be assisting CRASH in bringing this essential improvement to the Irish market.”

Ingenium Dynamics improves driver behaviour, by making it easier to identify, manage and remove risk and as a result FMG’s fleet clients are seeing a 25-80% reduction in incident claims. In a separate application of the technology, loss ratios for a young drivers’ insurance scheme – with leading insurer Marmalade – have been reduced to 40%, from a typical industry average often in excess of 100%.

Michael McKeown of CRASH, concluded: “We are looking forward to this technology bringing its many benefits to our customers across the island of Ireland. It really is an industry-changing application and we’re delighted to have this exclusive licensing contract.