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8 December 2012

FMG received the Safety Initiative of the Year Award, at the annual industry Fleet Van ceremony, in recognition of their driver behaviour technology, Ingenium Dynamics. The innovative device actively reduces accidents in commercial vehicles and business fleets.

The company offers a range of services aimed at complimenting each other and making business fleets safer. The smart technology was singled out for its immediate impact on driving up standards. The system monitors the way an individual drives, identifies areas for improvement and incentivise business drivers to change their driving style.

The judging panel said: “FMG shows a high level of driver safety management with its innovative system. A comprehensive range of algorithms to score the driver even includes weather and road conditions. The system helps ensure safety is an on-going conversation.”

Companies using the technology have seen insurance premiums drop, fuel spend decrease and, in some cases, accident rates virtually halve. The system is adaptable to rank drivers in terms of their percentage scores, and many organisations use this to reward better driving.

FMG Chief Executive, John Catling said: “Safer driving makes good business sense. Accidents cost a company money, not to mention the potential emotional costs, which are often not taken into account. Our smarter ways of working mean that we are able to identify where problems exist, and put in a range of solutions to minimise driver risk. Making money just from cleaning up after accidents has never sat comfortably with us, which is why we’ve taken the corporate position of trying to prevent accidents happening in the first place.”

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