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3 April 2014

Road safety charity Brake is inviting HR and fleet management personnel to attend its essential crisis response training course. The one-day training course, sponsored by FMG, will take place on Tuesday 8 April and will look at the procedures organisations should have in place to provide support to employees following road crashes and other sudden, traumatic events.

Specialist disaster management trainer Rosie Murray will deliver the course on Brake’s behalf, sharing her expertise in the practical and procedural issues around a sudden death or serious injury and the emotional needs of affected employees and how to support them. Knowing how to react when the worst happens is essential planning for organisations, especially those employing at-work drivers who are at risk on the road.

Ellie Pearson, senior professional engagement officer at Brake, says: “Many employers have made fantastic progress in recent years when it comes to introducing measures to prevent their drivers from being involved in road crashes. However, it’s just as important that employers are proactive in preparing for the worst, and ensuring they have robust policies in place to support their employees, should one of them be involved in a road crash. The sudden, unexpected death of a colleague can tear a workplace apart; it’s vital that employers recognise this and are able to act immediately in responding to such a crisis. I would urge all HR and fleet management personnel to attend this course so they can prepare their organisation to support employees, should the worst happen.”

John Catling, CEO at FMG, says: “Over recent years, FMG has led the call for prevention rather than cure – it’s in everyone’s interest to have less vehicle incidents. But when they do happen, it’s vital that businesses respond in an appropriate way. With years of experience of helping to prevent incidents, and dealing with them compassionately when they do happen, we’re delighted to bring our expertise to the table. Driving is the most dangerous thing most of us do in our working lives, accounting for 39% of work related deaths in the EU. This course will bring fleet specialists and business representatives together to offer insight into the best ways to deal with this often complicated subject.”

The training will cover: practical and procedural issues around a sudden death or serious injury, possible impacts on your organisation, the roles and responsibilities of professionals who work with bereaved and injured people and communicating news to other members of staff.

To register for the event, click here.